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This is a pretty big body of text for Rachel Maddow and MSNBC to jump over.

At the end of her fabricated report, Rachel Maddow pulled up a disclaimer that we had on our website that she characterized as disingenuous and insincere. It said: “We have never and will never call for the execution of homosexuals.”

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Now for the second report.

Friends, not one time did a radical homosexual outlet report the fact that MSNBC and Rachel Maddow did a second piece on my ministry. On May 11, 2011, Maddow and MSNBC resurrected the same piece, but pulled down the disclaimer (above), all the while knowing it was there (which proves malicious intent and defamation), and then slandered my ministry again.

On air, Rachel Maddow then accused Michele Bachmann, me, and others of being “blood thirsty” and said that we were “calling for the upping of the bloodshed of America’s culture war” since “Christians weren’t doing enough to kill gays” – thereby putting a literal hit out on Michele Bachmann and myself. This, of course, was aimed at Rep. Bachmann’s presidential campaign.

It should come as no surprise why they would want to denigrate my mission. MSNBC, which is owned by NBC Universal, was rebuked by the American people for removing the name “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance at the U.S. Open golf tournament. The president of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, also admitted earlier this year that the network caters to “progressives,” meaning a generally secular, frequently atheist, pro-”gay rights” (no such thing), socialist and big government (communism) market among its very small viewership.

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Now, after Rachel Maddow and Phil Griffin put a bull’s-eye on my back, I began to notice that the radical homosexuals began to attack from every angle possible. They first took a picture of my house and put it up online. Another radical homosexual group took my physical address and made not only my wife and me, but my little boys a target as well. Our street ministry also came under attack as my staff would be kicked out of storefronts where we would minister to people because these people (the people who kicked us out, though small in number) were too ignorant to know the likes of a communist organization. Now, I am a big boy; I can handle all of the effeminate ones with their shots at me that they take. But the minute you put my family, my ministry, and their lives on the line, you are going to have the fight brought to your front door. We are still ruled by law, whether or not man wants to abide by it.

Here are some emails I received after the MSNBC reports:

“I hope you die in the worst of ways.”

“Go to hell loser.”

“Go F@#K yourself.”

“I hope you get raped someday.”

“Ever come close to me and I will bash your so-called Christian F#@*ing heads off.”

“Why Bradlee why? Now I am gonna have to kill you! I thought we were going to cut each other’s hair then have sex, but you stood me up! I’m so upset that I think I may just have to blow up your ministry instead! Goodbye forever.”

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