Quick Stop at Ground Zero Means Taxpayers Pay Obama’s Fundraising Tab


With Wall Street and most every other kind of money no longer falling his way at 2008 levels, to make up for the shortfall, President Obama is breaking records with the sheer number of fundraisers he’s attending and increasingly relying on Hollywood and the big ticket fundraisers the likes of George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Vogue editor/Syria propagandist Anna Wintour can deliver.

This is pretty treacherous and hypocritical ground for the embattled President to tread upon, especially when one of his reelection themes is to paint his opponent, Mitt Romney, as someone too wealthy and out-of-touch to understand the problems of the common man.

However, it’s one thing for the President to fundraise with his foo foo friends, but quite another for him to cynically force the taxpayers to foot part of the bill for a double-shot of A-list fundraisers by using Ground Zero, the World Trade Center of all places, as an excuse to turn the trip into an “official one.”

President Barack Obama brought Manhattan to a standstill last night as he held two star-studded fundraising events at exclusive addresses in the city – raising a total of $4.5 million.

However, the President’s re-election campaign will not have to pay the full cost of his jaunt to the Big Apple, because he combined the trip with an official event which will be charged to the taxpayer.

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