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Questions We Should Ask Ourselves…


Ever since more and more facts have surfaced about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, reporters and citizen journalists have been making lists of questions that they want President Obama to answer. This begs me to question….are you people serious? I have a few questions that some of you should ask yourselves.

First, and most important: Think about this. When is the last time Barack Obama has answered any question regarding Benghazi seriously? It’s confirmed now from General David Petraeus’s testimony that somewhere along the lines, the fact that this terrorist attack was indeed a terrorist attacks was omitted from the White House’s and the UN Ambassador’s talking points.

Lets jump to the economy. The President ran on his policies working and the economy allegedly improving. He stated that he “inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression.” If you remember, Obama signed the extension of ALL of the Bush Tax Cuts in 2010. My question is, if the economy is really improved, and we’re on “the right path” as he says so often, why wouldn’t President Obama just extend the tax cuts as they stand for a longer period? He even stated when he signed the extension that the bill would create jobs and boost the still-struggling U.S. economy. He called it a “substantial victory for middle class families” who would otherwise have seen a tax increase.

If we are honest, we can answer these questions with one answer. President Barack Obama is a liar. He and his administration are lying about the terrorist attacks on 9/11/12. He is lying about the state of the economy. It’s far worse now than when he took office. The reasons for this are simple. From day one, all Obama was focused on was his reelection, not the economy and certainly not our national security. His boasting of killing Osama was strictly for political gain, and his cover-up of the mess in Libya was also for political gain….especially during the election season.

Nothing that I’ve stated is shocking. The thing is, though, we need to be a little more realistic. People who notice the decline the United States in in need to focus on creating a real effort to put aside our differences socially and concentrate on economic issues by electing true FISCAL conservatives to office. Our dismal economic situation and the liberal policies that cause it is the greatest threat to our republic. I am currently writing an economic manifesto that I hope will start a fiscal conservative grassroots movement. Lets work together to get rid of the right and left establishment (no real difference). And please, lets stop worrying about what questions we should ask the President, unless with some great miracle he has to answer them under oath.


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