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You said, “Above all, Iraqi leaders must rise above their political differences and come together around a political plan for Iraq’s future.” Does this “must” have the same force as your earlier call for Bashar Assad to step down? What about your statement that “the future of Ukraine must be decided by the people of Ukraine” just a couple of weeks before Russia annexed Crimea?

Do you think it is easier for factions within Iraq, wracked by tribal rivalries, ethnic divisions, religious differences, a history of tyranny, and amid a crisis featuring armies marching and beheadings by the hundreds to “rise above their political differences,” when you cannot bring yourself to negotiate sincerely with Republicans about the national debt or spending?

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You scolded President George W. Bush — by implication — during your remarks when you said that the present crisis should remind us of “the need to ask hard questions before we take action abroad, particularly military action.” Did you ask hard questions before making the decision to withdraw all forces from Iraq? Or were you more interested bragging rights about “ending wars”? Do you see now that the enemy gets a vote?


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