Questions about eligibility gain momentum


By Joseph farrah, World Net Daily


Barack Obama speech 9 SCNot quite 30 days ago, I launched a campaign to raise the visibility of Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility issue. Out of frustration with the corporate media’s efforts to bury the very real concern of millions of Americans that the man in the White House may not in fact be constitutionally qualified to be there, I decided to ask for support of an effort to erect billboards around the country asking the simple question, “Where’s the birth certificate?”

The result was quite astonishing, given that no one in the media, beside WND, was talking about, or writing about, this issue. In the first month, about $80,000 was raised and a half-dozen billboards have already gone up, with more on the way.

Though the campaign is still in its infancy, it has had a dramatic impact on the national dialogue about a once-unspeakable topic.

You may have noticed there’s much more chatter about the eligibility issue in recent days. Most of it is still uninformed. Most of it consists of ad hominem attacks. Most of it is in the form of smears and name-calling.

But some of it is not.Major talk-show hosts are openly talking about Obama’s missing birth certificate. It’s suddenly respectable to be a “birther.”

Even the White House’s own “open government” website was overrun by people posting demands for Obama to look in the mirror first when it comes to “truth and transparency.”


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