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Proof Obama Admin Argued Before SCOTUS that ObamaCare Mandate a Tax


Barack Obama travelled far and wide promoting ObamaCare, promising that the middle class would not have their taxes raised, also promising everyone the moon.

Meanwhile, as ObamaCare was being rammed through Congress, anyone who considered the ObamaCare mandate a tax was put in a box, labeled as an extremist and a right-wing radical.

When twenty-six states challenged the constitutionality of ObamaCare, Obama’s own Solicitor General, in order to cover all the bases, argued before the Supreme Court that the Mandate was in fact a tax.

When Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberal wing of the Supreme Court and concurred with Obama to allow Congress to literally compel any behavior by simply taxing the American people, Obama and his surrogates had the audacity to state that the Mandate was in fact not a tax.

Does Obama think the American people are stupid? Does he think that we exist within the confines of Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 where the past is shoved into a memory hole?

The audio of the Supreme Court oral arguments clearly show Solicitor General Donald Verrilli arguing that the mandate is in fact a tax. And if that is the case, Obama has lied on two counts: 1. That he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class. 2. That the Mandate was not a tax.

When exactly the American people will become disgusted with this man’s lies, with his Attorney General’s lies, and with the constant lies that proceed out of his Administration bolstered by his media palace guards, remains to be seen.

Let us hope it is soon.


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