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Pro-Family Supporters Targeted for Government Detention


Barack Hussein Obama recently acquired power enabling him to detain and imprison American citizens here in the U.S. without formal charges and without access to a lawyer, according to Gary Kreep, attorney for the United States Justice Foundation (which has defended American citizens and their rights and also has been working on proving Obama is here illegally as President.)

Kreep says that you and your family could soon be hauled off to a government detention center and left there to rot for the rest of your lives. Obama recently signed a law that gives him the power to send the U.S. Military into American cities to round up anyone who he decides is a threat to his Marxist agenda. These American citizens will be dragged away and illegally held without charge, without access to an attorney, and without a court hearing for as long as Mr. Obama determines.

If you want to know who these “threats’ targeted by Mr. Obama for illegal detention are…just look in the mirror. You see a terrorist there?

That’s right–in a report distributed to EVERY law enforcement agency in the nation, Barack Obama has already labeled pro-lifers, supporters of traditional marriage, veterans, gun owners, and those who believe in smaller government and lower taxes as likely domestic terrorists.

You see, deep inside the bill, buried among page after page of text authorizing government funding of the U.S. military for the next fiscal year, is a little known passage giving Barack Obama unlimited power to detain anyone he wants to for as long as he wants, and he will use the U.S. Armed Forces to do it. (Does Congress even read?)

Kreep goes on to say that once you are rounded up in the middle of the night by U.S. military forces, you’ll disappear into a legal black hole. Actual charges will never be filed against you. You’ll never receive the “one phone call” offered to those arrested by local police. And your family will never know where you are. Unless they’re rounded up along with you by Gestapo-like troops.

Understand this: Barack Obama has this power NOW. He can target anyone who he chooses NOW.  You see, Barack Obama’s goal is to target anyone –including you who oppose him. And now he has the power to destroy lives and to destroy families, and he will do it until he is stopped. That is the main reason he wanted to bring home all the troops so fast.

Reportedly, Obama wants many military bases closed and then plans to use them for detention (death camp) centers. Right now, there are many military bases that have been closed, and now there are plans to use them for these camps.  These are ideal for detention centers. And they are planning to close many more now.

Why can’t at least half of this country ever begin to see the danger in this President and his cabal of revolutionaries, who are working so hard to destroy the best society ever invented on this earth? We must get rid of this man one way or another and (if we even have an election) vote this monster and all of his Marxist friends out, including many in Congress.

But just getting a new President is not enough; we must have a more conservative Congress so that we can take back our country. These Marxist world powers that have been working for about 100 years to gradually take over this country (and believe me folks, they are so close) are frothing at the mouth and think they have done it now. We can take it back, but we will have to become revolutionaries ourselves to do it. Like our forefathers fought the Revolutionary War to get us away from British control and to be able to form a new country, we may have to go to war to save it.  Is she worth fighting for?  You bet!

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