The Prez Of The Divided Statez

The remedy is and always will be the same.


Obama is the house guest you never wanted to come and just won’t freakin’ leave!

Every day it’s something else. Another hole in the fabric. Right now our flag needs some serious mending.

It’s really tragic to witness all this planned fabrication and manipulation in our day.

Can’t these folks just get a hobby? Why must world domination be their goal? They are in over their heads…

The young ‘illegals’ making their way through the southern border have been given the green light. It’s been made evident that the law is not going to be enforced.

We must understand how these people are being used and exploited. They are merely pawns. There is no place for them to go. They are just being thrown into some holding facility almost like cattle. Citizens who live in these parts of the country are understandably angry and resentful. It’s a planned crisis and chaos…

America is Superman. Obama is Lex Luthor throwing Mexican children off a building (seeing how many we can save) as his DHS goons shoot kryptonite darts.

The double-standards need to cease and we need to get serious. Liars and fools are just that. Resist them at all costs.

The prophetic concerns of our founders are being realized as our nation crumbles all around us. There are various grassroots efforts being made to meet the constitutional crisis head on.

Knowledge is power. Truth is humbling. Humility fosters hope.

In every age and throughout each generation, truth must be reclaimed and reestablished. The source of order and virtue is taken for granted as the deceived (and blindly seduced) seek to dismantle the source of our firm foundation and deceitfully establish a ‘utopian society’ of their own design. Their schemes will ultimately fail, but will leave many broken and bruised.

The remedy is and always will be the same. It’s been firmly established and, all too often, foolishly rejected.

We can only ‘go along to get along’ for so long. Grace illuminates and removes all fear.

It’s time we pray hard and stand tall. I remain hopeful.

Pride comes before a fall. In the end we will rise.

Photo Credit: The White House (Flikr)

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