Press tries, convicts doctor-soldier


Do you remember the old concept of presumption of innocence?

We all learned in school that you were “innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law.

When I first entered the ranks of the news media, the profession actually adopted that as a standard in its news coverage of those accused.

Well, like so many other media standards, you can throw them out the window when it comes to those brave men and women who stand up for principle and the Constitution in challenging Barack Obama to prove his eligibility for office.

As WND first reported, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an Army doctor, is refusing to deploy as ordered to Afghanistan until Obama offers proof he is a natural born citizen, as required by the Constitution.

I guess it’s not enough that he’s facing court-martial, disciplinary action, possible jail time, dishonorable discharge. The media are hanging him out to dry – trying and convicting him before he’s even officially charged with misconduct.

Read More: By Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily


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