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Others, such as Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Bolivia, have also been at odds with the way America has been behaving inside the Organization of American States. They have accused the Obama administration of manipulating human rights through the guise of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) and its Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, financed by Washington.

They argue that the latter is used by the Obama administration to sow the seeds of dissent and push for regime change in their countries, despite leaders having been democratically elected. The example of the 2009 Honduras coup, which saw the ousting of the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya (during which the OAS remained unjustifiably silent), is not very reassuring. These members have long been arguing for a long-blocked reform of the organization, which would guarantee an equal promotion of all human rights aspects. In its current form, the IACHR’s protection of the freedom of speech is privileged both financially and politically over all other rights, which are just as essential for developing countries (such as enforcing the rights of women, or economic and social rights).

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Therefore, in the same way that the Hispanic population here at home needs to be heard from and taken seriously, a similar solution is required for South America as well. A potential President Jeb Bush is bound to follow his Reaganite instincts and put the strengthening of economic ties with the regions first. After the current administration’s agenda crashed and burned in the wake of the NSA scandal and Wikileaks, brandishing our moral credentials to the outside world no longer appears feasible or credible.

Jeb Bush is therefore uniquely placed, for the 2016 elections, to reverse a decades-long trend that has played out only in favor of the Democrats: capturing the minority vote and winning over the Hispanic population in the country. It’s time to put ‘Grand’ back in the GOP.

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