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Presidential Debate I: The Reveal


The first presidential debate revealed many things to America.  Specifically, Mitt Romney has passion for repairing our country’s fiscal and international woes.  To say Romney was outstanding in his debate with President Obama is to do him an injustice.  Rather, Governor Romney proved himself a capable leader with a concrete plan to lead us back to the Promised Land. Who didn’t feel as though they were sitting in a boardroom with him, preparing to help a company make millions of dollars while protecting its most valuable assets—its people?

Equally as important as what we gleaned from Romney is what Obama revealed about himself.  He seemed genuinely disinterested in the debate.  Moreover, he appeared to have an air of superiority about him as though to ask: “Why do I have to defend myself?  I’m the President.”  The President’s disconnect from domestic and economic policy was blatantly obvious, but what wasn’t so obvious to many was the one question staring us all in the face: Who is running this country?

All Americans know and understand that every successful leader surrounds himself/herself with intelligent, charismatic individuals who proffer different points of view to be considered before decisions are made.  However, it did not seem to most that Obama even understood his own policies, much less those alternatives his opponent offered an eager public.  If President Obama isn’t steering the proverbial ship then, who is?

Positions of power within government are always at play, and Obama’s administration is no different than any other.  It’s safe to say that Vice President Biden is not leading or directing the United States; but could someone such as David Axlerod, former senior advisor to the President and current senior strategist in Obama’s campaign, actually be calling the shots?

Naturally, this is purely speculation; but after President Obama’s dismal performance at the first debate, one must wonder.  Perhaps the President was simply distracted because it was he and Michelle’s wedding anniversary, or perhaps there was some international emergency he had just received information about that pulled his attention away from the task at hand.  Either of these scenarios could be true; but recently, some major news outlets have been forthright in pointing out his seeming disinterest in attending face-to-face intelligence briefings.  This apparent lack of interest may also be reflected in his dismal performance in front of forty million Americans who wanted to know how he planned to repair the serious issues facing them.  Instead, they were left to ask “Who is running our country?”

Photo Credit : Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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