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And as far as specifically buying back colonists from captivity at the price of handing over British soldiers — as Obama did with Taliban leaders — the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association explained exactly what Gen. Washington’s policy was: He “made sure that no states holding military prisoners should trade a British soldier for an American citizen. Washington believed that this would have legitimized the British capture of more citizens, most of whom were largely defenseless.”

Mr. President, did you want to read that policy again?

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In regard to Obama’s comparison with these stellar commanders in chief, I want to respond just as vice presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen responded to fellow candidate Dan Quayle during a 1988 debate after Quayle likened his political experience to that of John F. Kennedy: “I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

I’ve studied George Washington; and, Mr. President, you’re no George… (Oh, you get the point!)

That’s my second objection to the president’s justification:

2) Barack Obama is no George Washington.

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And this present prisoner swap — in the midst of a modern-day war on terror, in which our enemies use our planes as missiles and salivate over suitcase nukes — can by no means find its equal during the Revolutionary War or another war in which (however dangerous) muskets, single-shot rifles, and cannonballs were used.

Next week, I will give my third and fourth reasons for disagreeing with how Obama cut the deal for Bergdahl.

Above all else, let’s never forget the names of those who gave their lives in attempts to rescue Bergdahl or during closely related missions: 2nd Lt. Darryn Deen Andrews, Staff Sgt. Clayton Patrick Bowen, Pfc. Morris Lewis Walker, Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss, Pfc. Matthew Michael Martinek, and Staff Sgt. Michael Chance Murphrey.

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