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Atheists Are Trying To Silence This Florida Pastor, But He Just Told Them To Shove It

"Well, I don’t think they’ve read the Constitution..."


Pastor Troy Schmidt has attacked the secular group Freedom From Religion Foundation for its successful attempt to ban sports chaplains in Orange County, Florida.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, which demanded that the school put an end to football chaplains.

The school decided to change its policies toward athletic chaplains based on the letter and wrote this response memo.

Pastor Troy Schmidt was strong in his response to the school’s new ruling when he appeared on “Fox and Friends” recently:

Well, I don’t think they’ve read the Constitution. It’s pretty clear that they cannot prohibit my free expression of my faith or the free expression of the coaches to express their faith. They’re telling us to be atheists when we want to say, ‘This is what we believe’ and we want to express it freely like the Constitution says.

He went on to say: “I refuse the title of life coach. I don’t want to be turned into an atheist chaplain, which is what they’re trying to do.”

What do you think? Should Pastor Schmidt be allowed to serve as a chaplain to the football team in Orange County, Florida?  Or should he be relegated to the position of “life coach” by the school?


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