Radio Commentator Dennis Prager Says Root Of Evil Is Found In “Lies And Deception” Of The Government

It is time for leaders to step forward and boldly distinguish right from wrong...


Radio Commentator Dennis Prager recently spoke at an event in London hosted by Gov. Mike Huckabee and David Lane. During his talk, Prager highlighted several factors he believes are destroying democratic values once held dear in Western countries.

Prager claims the root of evil isn’t found in the acts committed by sadomasochists or serial killers, but in “lies and deception” told by government leaders or through cultural euphemisms. Once embedded in the mindset of individuals, groups, or national identities, lies perpetuate a mindset of entitlement and victimhood, which in turn justifies violence.

Having just arrived from Poland, having walked on the same ground as those who were exterminated, the parallels Prager identified between societies three generations apart are profound. Considering the failed leadership of those who orchestrated the Treaty of Versailles, reinforcing the German ethos personified by shame and victimization, it comes as no surprise that Germany groomed itself for WWII, willfully supporting a leader who lied to them and the rest of the world.

Sadly, British and American leaders have deliberately caused similarly disastrous consequences for their own people by refusing to identify and fight evil, instead welcoming boatloads of Trojan horses to their shores.

In the UK, EU migrants can claim UK taxpayer funded benefits, the majority of Muslim immigrants are on welfare, and immigration has increased by over 38 percent, with 25 percent of births in England and Wales from non-British citizens.

Net migration figures project 130,000 immigrants will enter the UK next year—equivalent to adding a city the size of Manchester to Britain’s population every four years.

In light of this, EU migrants bring to the UK little to nothing except for the mindset Prager describes. Recently, for example, tens of thousands of Romanians waited for hours in several block-long lines on British streets to vote in Romania’s presidential election. (Approximately 50,000 Bulgarians and Romanians currently work legally in the UK.) Instead of seeking to improve their country in their country, they come to the UK to receive benefits.

But why have laws at all when an American president can dictate, via executive fiat, amnesty for over 5 million illegal immigrants, knowing such illegality will cost American citizens two trillion dollars, minimum, in additional debt, not to mention numerous detrimental consequences? In the meantime, illegal immigrants receive free, immediate, comprehensive, and accessible benefits—incomparably better than any services American veterans receive.

Prager’s talk was fortuitous on a personal note. Departing from the Queen’s Terminal Two at Heathrow Airport, I encountered non-British airport staff who expressed vitriol and bigotry towards me (and, I later learned, others on my United Airlines flight) because I am a white American who named and confronted their bigotry.

Because of a non-British airport employee’s error, one of my carry on items was flagged as “suspicious” when passing through the final security check point. The next non-British airport employee tasked with going through my bag told me she had to go through each and every item “for my protection,” because she claimed I was carrying liquids, which I was not.

I asked, “Are you saying you think you are protecting me from myself? That I packed poison or explosives in my moisturizer or digital camera?” Half jokingly I asked, “Do you know any white female American terrorist returning to her country who has murdered other Americans?”

She stared at me with piercing eyes, arms crossed, and aggressively demanded, “what does a terrorist look like?”

“I can tell you what they don’t look like,” I said. “Me.” Next, I asked to speak to her manager, and she refused.

However, during this ridiculous conversation, of which I’m only providing highlights, another non-British airport employee came over to tell me: “You are not allowed to use the word ‘terrorist.’” She added, “people who use that word are flagged as a ‘suspicious and treated with caution.’”

Nearly laughing, I asked if she’d ever met a terrorist who first identified him/herself as a terrorist. And, “tell me what British law prohibits me from using the word ‘terrorist,’ ‘terrorism,’ ‘suicide bomber,’ or ‘Muslim Jihadist?’” Both women looked at each other, saying, “she said the word ‘terrorist’ again!”

In response, the Asian told the Eastern European that she would not look through my bag and then, with her right forearm, swiped my bag of breakable gifts (not flagged for “suspicion”) off of the counter onto the floor. I told her she had no authority to do that. She told me she could do whatever she wanted.

Finally, five people later, I was able to speak to a British citizen and supervisor and asked if there was a British law that censored speech at Heathrow Airport. He confirmed there was no such law. I asked him why two airport employees would dictate that there was, to which he did not have an answer.

After summarizing the entire situation to him, detailing examples of airport employees’ hostility, he said something quite remarkable: that his father fought in WWII and would not recognize 2014 Britain, and his mother told him, “with rights come responsibility.”

Despite the fact that airport employees must have work permits or be citizens, neither requirement actually translates to a worker understanding that demanding rights for themselves requires responsibility to value British culture, mindset, and rule of law that enables those rights. While Jihadi John might be a British citizen, there is nothing British about beheading Americans, at least not since the Revolutionary War.

By contrast, however, two women I know and their families who live in Brooklyn, N.Y., represent all that is good about legal immigration. They came to America legally from Uzbekistan, work six days a week as entrepreneurs who manage two successful small businesses, learned how to speak and write English, and saved money to buy their first home—something they never could have done in Uzbekistan. And there are many more like them.

They are proud American citizens who vote in American elections. They have no sense of entitlement or victimhood—even though they have every right to in light of the persecution they experienced and witnessed as Jews by Muslims in their homeland.

Yet, 100 years to the date of the beginning of the Great War, the war supposed to end all wars, Britain and America must confront equally serious threats to their existence. Illegals and EU migrants do not value the freedoms the countries to which they flock provide because they pick and choose which laws they should follow, disregarding who and what enable them to have such freedoms in the first place.

The question then remains: What will the living do to honor the dead who fought for the freedoms and rights many continue to carelessly squander?

My answer: My grandfathers and their brothers did not fight against tyranny for an Eastern European to tell their granddaughter she did not have the freedom to speak truth in a country Americans helped defend against the very imperious ideology asserted then and today. Nor is this why Americans, and many others, continue to spill their blood fighting against the numerous Jihadi Johns in the world.

It is time for leaders to step forward and boldly distinguish right from wrong and truth from falsehood. There is no shame in seeking to preserve that which is good in a culture and defending it from enemies within and without. My grandfathers’ memories demand it, as does my generation’s responsibility to safeguard freedoms for generations yet to come.

David Lane of American Renewal, Susan Reed (Dennis Prager's wife), Dennis Prager, Mrs. and Gov. Mike Huckabee

David Lane of American Renewal, Susan Reed (Dennis Prager’s wife), Dennis Prager, Mrs. and Gov. Mike Huckabee


Photo Credit: Lon R. Fong (Flickr)

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