A new report from the Justice Department accuses America’s toughest sheriff of racially profiling…illegal immigrants from Mexico! Moreover, the man who wrote the report appears to have perjured himself before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission over the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

The Justice Department report cum hit piece accuses Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office of “systematic disregard” for the Constitutional rights…of illegal immigrants.

“We found discriminatory policing that was deeply rooted in the culture of the department, a culture that breeds a systematic disregard for basic constitutional protections,” according to Thomas Perez, the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights under Eric “My People” Holder.

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The report’s most “serious” allegation was that Arpaio racially profiled illegal immigrants. That is, too many of the illegals he arrested were Mexican. The fact that the vast majority of illegal aliens are from Mexico, and 90 percent of illegal immigrants are of Hispanic origin may explain the racial homogeneity of Arpaio’s prisons. Hell, it may explain the increasing racial homogeneity of large swaths of Arizona, where native-born residents now press 2 for English.

The DOJ has given Arpaio until January 4th to tell the feds how he is going to obey their edicts. Arpaio responded, “We are going to cooperate the best we can. And if they are not happy, I guess they can carry out their threat and go to federal court.”

In a press conference today, he called the report a “witch hunt,” and Deputy Chief Jack McIntyre said, “There are really no specific allegations in [the report]. There are generalities, there are claims made by a few people that are unidentified.” Congressman Steve King backs Arpaio (along with most of the rest of the American people.)

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But Arpaio’s decision to enforce the law earned him powerful, implacable enemies in the Democratic Party, among them Mr. Perez.

Interestingly, Perez also drew up the Obama administration’s legal brief in the Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC case currently pending before the Supreme Court, which would allow the government to interfere in a church’s definition of a minister.

As this author has noted more than once, Thomas Perez seems to have perjured himself when he told may have perjured himself before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission while testifying about the DoJ’s dismissal of the Black Panther voter intimidation case. Perez testified under oath before the commission on May 14, 2010, that the decision was simply “a case of career [Justice Department] people disagreeing with career people” and proof of the “robust interaction” his employees enjoy. E-mails released after his testimony proved that longtime Democratic Party lawyer Sam Hirsch, a political appointee, influenced Assistant Deputy Attorney General Steve Rosenbaum to drop the charges. The decision similarly followed a meeting between a career official and Associate AG Thomas Perrelli, “the department’s No. 3 political appointee.”

It seems the law-breaking deputy, of a law-breaking attorney general, of a law-breaking president, of an increasingly lawless party is lecturing one tough sheriff that he’s doing his job too well and deporting too many potential Democratic voters.

The feds should be prosecuting several people listed in this report. Unfortunately, they are its authors.

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