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Polls Saying Catholics Side With Obama In Mandate Are Not Fooling “CINO” Democrats


A poll taken Feb 1 – 5 shows that by a 58/ 37 margin “Catholics” support a government mandate requiring all employers who provide health care plans for their workers to include abortion and/or birth control coverage at no cost.  Nevertheless, in spite of this 21 point edge some high profile “Catholic” Democrats are walking away from Obama on this issue.

This begs an important question: Why would these CINO (Catholic In Name Only) abortion supporting Democrats be afraid to stand with Obama ? The PROOF that Catholics DON’T care is right there in black and white!  It’s twenty one points – isn’t it? That should be “game set match!” – no? Well, no.

The truth is that polling companies consistently hide the truth about the “Catholic vote.” They never admit there are actually two “Catholic votes.” One  measures the sentiments of anyone who says he/she is a Catholic – even those who have NEVER voluntarily walked into a Catholic church. These CINOs make up about 2/3 of America’s 70 million Catholics.  The remaining 1/3 are the real Catholics. They attend Mass regularly and try to follow Church rules. Real Catholics don’t reflexively vote Democrat.

In 2008 real Catholics voted for John McCain 50/49 – a slim margin for sure, but in the face of the reported 54/45 victory Obama had among “Catholics” it was significant. It was a signal of what was coming in 2010 when “Catholics” switched sides and supported Republican Congressional candidates 54/46 for a remarkable 18 point turn around.

While there isn’t a precise breakdown of how real Catholics voted in 2010, among all voters those who attended religious services at least weekly voted Republican 58/40. That would include real Catholics.

How can we “guesstimate” who real Catholics are? Well the approximately 1/3 or 23 million Catholics who attend Mass each week gives us a go idea.  What scares these CINOs is that that 58% could grow to 68% in November, and even more when the extremely low levels of Democrat enthusiasm is factored in.

Could a possible increase of 10 points for the Republicans be scaring these CINOs?

Why else would they run away when the polls are saying they have a 21 point edge?

The CINOs aren’t fooled by the polls, and neither should we.

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