Poll: Is The Media Treating Herman Cain Fairly?

Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Charges

WesternJournalism.com, a leading website committed to combating media bias, is conducting an important poll.

Recently, Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassing several women as director of the National Restaurant Association in the 90s. The news media has published many articles on the charges. In fact, Politico.com the original website which revealed these claims, published more than 90 stories in the first week about these charges. This level of coverage has been mirrored by most mainstream media outlets.

This level of coverage in the media has led many people to conclude that the media is biased towards Herman Cain and are treating him unfairly in regards to the sexual harassment charges. Conservative bloggers have pointed out that while Politico.com published more than 90 stories on Herman Cain in a week, the website only mentioned the scandal surrounding John Edwards’s mistress and love child twice during the entire 2008 campaign. Some commentators, such as Ann Coulter, have concluded that the media is trying to swamp the Herman Cain campaign comparing it to the “high tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas when he was nominated for the Supreme Court in the early nineties.

This poll is being conducted to discover what the American people think about this subject. Has the mainstream media been treating Herman Cain unfairly compared to liberal politicians?

The results of this poll will be published online and will be shared with major news networks and policy makers.

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