Sign The Petition For The Immediate Arrest Of Lois Lerner

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We the undersigned are calling for the immediate arrest of Lois Lerner.

While Lois Lerner was head of the tax-exempt division at the IRS, in the lead-up to the 2012 election, IRS officials harassed conservative political groups and delayed tax-exempt status compared to liberal organizations. In fact, Lerner dismissed evidence of left-leaning organizations’ failure to report political expenditures. She even went as far as to seize donor lists from conservative non-profit political groups, eventually using them in a covert IRS research project.

Various Congressmen have worked hard to investigate this scandal.

Throughout the scandal, however, Lerner has impeded the Congressional investigation at every turn. Among the most egregious examples of her actions are:

  • She initially blamed the scandal on a rogue group of agents in Cincinnati.
  • She initially declared her innocence of all charges.
  • She described conservatives in a profane manner via email with colleagues.
  • She reneged on that claim when faced with mounting evidence by invoking her Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination.
  • She has refused to testify even when confronted with being held in contempt.
  • She ignored evidence of labor unions’ failure to report political expenditures.
  • She used her power to illegally obtain donor lists from conservative non-profit political groups.

The Justice Department has received a letter containing multiple criminal charges; however, many critics of this administration believe Attorney General Eric Holder will look the other way when confronted with the allegations.

Therefore, we believe it is time to hold Lerner accountable for her effort to stonewall investigators. Whether Holder takes the charges against her seriously or not, we are calling for Congress to use the “inherent contempt” authority under the US Constitution to arrest Lois Lerner for her blatant obstruction of justice.