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Poll: Most Of Our Readers Would Vote For Romney If He Won Nomination


Last week, we put up a poll asking our readers (who we are certain are likely to vote in elections) how they would vote if Mitt Romney seized the Republican Party’s nomination. Over 1200 of you voted. The results were as follows:

  • 842 (69%) would vote for Romney
  • 149 (12%) would write someone else’s name in rather than vote for either Obama or Romney
  • 132 (11%) would vote for a third party candidate (Libertarian, Green, Constitution, etc.)
  • 71 (6%) would not bother showing up at the polls
  • 22 (2%) would vote for Obama

By far, the majority back Romney, likely because he would clearly be in the best position to defeat Obama and give the Democrats a crushing blow. This does not mean, however, that they agree with his views or forgive him for his thorough embrace of big government and far left positions on social issues such as abortion.

However, almost 25% are willing to be accused of “wasting” their vote, by their family and friends, in throwing their support behind someone who almost certainly would lose the election. And some might not even bother showing up to the polls as a means of protesting the similarities between the two candidates (and possibly the two parties.)

As far as the other 2%…well, I think that this time I’ll stand with the 98% (not quite 99%) who want Obama out!

I would encourage our readers to vote in our next poll, which we just put up on our home page a few moments ago. It will ask what criteria is most important to you when voting.  Vote below!



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