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Poll: 60% of Tea Party, Nearly Half of GOP Support Impeaching Obama


A new poll reported in an unlikely source shows a broad majority of Tea Party members and roughly half of all Republicans support impeaching Barack Obama. More than 1,000 registered voters were asked, “Would you support or oppose the impeachment of President Obama?” Among those who describe themselves as Tea Party members, a full 60 percent support impeachment. An additional 16 percent are unsure.

Among Republicans, 48 percent support impeachment and 22 percent are unsure.

A Democratic Poll on a Left-Wing Website

Public Policy Polling, which is described as “an American Democratic Party-affiliated polling firm based in Raleigh,” conducted the survey from March 4-6. Its results appeared on the left-wing website the Daily Kos.

Overall, 26 percent of Americans would like to see the president impeached, and 14 percent are undecided.

Surprisingly, 14 percent of Democrats and 13 percent of liberals favor impeaching their own president. An Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll last October found 47 percent of Democrats “said Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination,” although no modern president who faced a primary challenge has been re-elected. Many Democrats on the ballot in 2012 fear an anti-Obama backlash will doom their chances, and doctrinaire left-wingers have questioned whether they would be better off with another president.

For some reason the mainstream media, which have been known to spin their own polls, have chosen to ignore this poll altogether.

Sampling Skews Left

The poll’s sample seems to give undue weight to those on the Left. PPP indicates 24 percent of its respondents come from union households. However, only 17 percent of voters in 2010 came from union households and only 21 percent in 2008. Similarly, self-described Democrats outnumber Republicans by four percent. Since union household members tend to be more liberal than average Americans, the poll likely undercounts the number of Americans who support impeachment. However, its internal data are significant.

Although Obama claims to represent the downtrodden, the poorest Americans are most likely to want him removed from office. Forty three percent of those making less than $30,000 want to see Obama impeached as compared to 14 percent of Americans making more than $100,000. Two-thirds of the wealthiest have a favorable view of Obama.

Southerners are the most likely to favor impeachment; people who live on the West Coast are least likely. Only five percent of Asians support impeachment, the lowest of any ethnic group and far lower than blacks (16 percent). There is no significant difference among age groups.

Are RINOs, Beltway Conservatives Out of Touch with their Supporters?

The poll numbers are all the more remarkable since there is no meaningful public call to impeach Barack Obama from the establishment Republicans or the inside-the-Beltway conservative movement. So far only one Congressman, Rep. Trent Franks or Arizona, has publicly stated he would favor impeachment. Franks told the blog ThinkProgress.org he would “absolutely” impeach Barack Obama and/or Attorney General Eric Holder over their refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). He has since stood by his words. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich raised the issue of impeachment only to scurry away from it.

Some conservatives who receive media exposure seem to belittle the idea. Even many callers to Rush Limbaugh‘s program say the Republican presidential nominee in 2012 should avoid criticizing Obama.

However, a growing number of national figures have called for the president to be held accountable for his dereliction of duty. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, former Nixon administration official Howard Phillips, ACORN expert Matthew Vadum, and the Pajamas Media blog have joined talk show hosts Bryan Fischer and Tammy Bruce in saying the president’s lawless behavior rises to the level of impeachment.

This means the Beltway Republicans and the conservative establishment are to the Left of many of their own supporters. Those who support Constitutional government have warned them they risk alienating the grassroots in their rush to curry favor with Washington’s ruling elite. This poll shows how successful grassroots movements can be without them — and why we must continue our efforts.

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