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Dobbs said that this is more than enough to justify a class-action lawsuit by Mines Management’s shareholders against Schweitzer, Duval, and other partners in Optima, Inc.

The initial lawsuit will be filed by the company itself, and shareholders – many of whom have lost a significant portion of their retirement savings – will have the opportunity to join in a class.

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Dobbs said, “It’s a shame when people in whom the public have placed their trust become as desperate as to align themselves with known scoundrels and become one of them. Schweitzer and the Duval family clearly formed Optima for the sole purpose of trying to take advantage of the hard work and financial resources of hardworking people for their own self-enrichment.”

Of course, Dobbs is right. Yet there you have it… the playbook that shows how politicians get rich. And Brian Schweitzer’s scheme is just one small example. On Capitol Hill, Congressmen execute similar plans on a significantly grander scale. So if you want to get rich without all the work, pack up and head to D.C.


This commentary originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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Photo credit: Center for American Progress (Flickr)

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