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As farfetched as the idea of a decentralized world might seem to be, there have been some recent examples of it. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the separation of the Baltic states shows that no matter how impregnable a regime may appear, political disintegration can happen. The severe economic crisis that led to the fall of Soviet Communism could take place in the United States or in any number of European regimes.

While the nation state is in perilous financial position, it will not relinquish its power voluntarily. The politically-connected financiers will do whatever it takes to keep the system afloat and will use any upcoming economic crisis to accelerate their drive for a New World Order. If a politically decentralized world is to come about, the groundwork for it must be now laid.

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Lord Acton’s famous words about political centralization should be the mantra for those who seek a more peaceful and prosperous world devoid of the tyrannical nation state: “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


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