Madness: Muslim Outrage Forces Vermont Restaurant To Take Down Harmless Sign

...a restaurant in Vermont was besieged by complaints from Muslim residents and forced...


Today, it was reported that a restaurant in Vermont was besieged by complaints from Muslim residents and forced to take down a sign that advertised how good its bacon was.

If there is ever a tipping point in political correctness that crosses the line that ensures free speech in this country, this is it.  The National Review reports, The woman’s objection, which she posted online, prompted several Facebook and Yelp comments calling on Sneakers Bistro to take down the sign. The diner’s owners contacted the woman to apologize and tell her the sign has been removed.

There is one thing I am sure of: if residents of this Vermont town had objected to let’s say, headscarves being worn, and they requested that Muslims don’t wear them because they frighten residents (especially veterans that have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan), I seriously doubt the Muslim residents would stop wearing them. This action is more about destroying American heritage and culture than it is about Muslim sensitivities.

Bacon is a part of the American past.  The term ‘bacon’ comes from the French word Bouchon, which means a restaurant that serves smoked meat.  When the pirates of the Caribbean strove to hide from the American and European navies, they would seclude themselves in the islands around Cuba and cut strips of bacon from wild pigs to survive; after a period of time, the word bacon was born. After a while, these pirates became known as buccaneers.

Bacon is Americana at its finest.  It is enjoyed by millions of Americans every day.  To say that it is offensive is, excuse me, just plain ridiculous.

What really bothers me is that this campaign affected a small business, which can be significantly hurt by bad or negative publicity. These people typically work on thin margins and survive by hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. If a customer avoids the business just to not deal with any uncomfortableness, even if they don’t agree with the issue, it can really hurt a small business.  To attack an establishment over a bacon sign is a harbinger of things to come in this country as the political correctness craze is getting out of hand.  Now it can affect your job, your business, your income, and your way of life.  This is wrong.

Political correctness works both ways.  Those seeking to control the behavior of others need to recognize that this is a free country, or at least it used to be.  If you are not hurting someone else, if you are not destroying another’s property, if you are not discriminating against others because of who they are, then leave other people’s wants, desires, and customs the Hell alone.

(And yes, this includes white people.)

I think I’m going to drive to Vermont next weekend and have some bacon.

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