Playboy shoot absent from candidate’s resume


Candidate Amy Biviano

A race for a state legislative seat in Washington state is turning white-hot with a report today that the Democrat challenger who describes herself as a Sunday school teacher appeared as a model in Playboy magazine.

According to the Western Center For Journalism, candidate Amy Biviano has been running for the state House of Representatives as a devoted wife and mother of two sons.

But the report said the campaign has been rocked by the exposure of her appearance in Playboy.

“The dictionary definition of hypocritical is the ‘pretense of having virtues, beliefs, principles, etc.’ Many politicians are well described by this adjective; but in 2012, none deserves it more than Amy Biviano,” the report said.

A WND email to the Biviano campaign did not generate a response.

Read more at WND. By Bob Unruh.


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