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Phony Atheists


It’s that time of year when the secularists and atheists come out to attack American tradition. I don’t want to get into the Christmas/Holiday Tree argument, but I’d like to share a quick thought.

Atheists only seem to care about attacking Christianity. I know our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, which made our country great; but this group of uptight know-it-alls needs to focus their anger on a real threat. The other day on “The O’Reilly Factor”, an atheist couldn’t comprehend that Christianity is a philosophy. The guy was an idiot. Christianity is a philosophy; and religious sects such as Catholics, Baptists, and Protestants adhere to some of its principles (just as Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews adhere to different beliefs of the philosophy of Judaism.) Atheists get cute with word play; but what’s right is right, and they’re not.

Even if these holier-than-thou atheists are successful with having the federal holiday of Christmas removed, they’ll still be stuck living in times (literally) shaped by religious thought. The names of the days of the week and months atheists live in are named after Gods. Even the years atheists live in are named “The Year Of The Lord, Jesus Christ”! These facts make me smile.

Back to my attacking Christianity statement. We have such larger threats to our country than Christmas trees and federal holidays. A religious sect of the Muslim philosophy has the ultimate goal of an Islamic caliphate. They force their religious views on our country when soldiers shoot up forts in Texas, a man tries to set off bombs in Times Square, or an embassy in Libya gets overtaken by Muslim terrorists. Where were the atheists? Why don’t they have balls when another religious sect forces its philosophy on our country? Where were the atheists after a religion other than Christianity was forced through my brother’s office window with a Boeing 767 nearly 12 years ago?

Atheists and their phony outrage aren’t fooling me. If they wanted a real secular society, they would expand their war on religion towards more than just the philosophy of Christianity.

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