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Pharaoh Obama condemns power play in Egypt


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In January 2011, Barack Hussein Obama essentially called for the overthrow of Egyptian President Mubarak, encouraging lawlessness in Egypt and resulting in Mubarak’s resignation February 11, 2011.   Beforehand, Obama and Hillary Clinton acknowledged they had spent time helping pro-democracy forces organize and execute demonstrations in the streets, protesting Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

Yesterday, taking time away from his multi-million dollar vacation, Obama condemned ongoing violence in Egypt, hinting that his administration may intervene on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian army (and against the very pro-democracy forces he claimed to promote early on.)  It turns out Obama sided with the Brotherhood all along, and now their members are being mowed down by the army, making them less than happy with Obama.  Anyone notice Obama supporting pro-democracy forces in Iran or Syria?

Egypt has been an ally for 40 years.  Mubarak ruled with an iron fist.  He was far less dictatorial than Nasser but notably more controlling than Sadat, Mubarak’s mentor.  Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was a leader in securing peace in the region, one murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood largely because he sought peace with Israel.

Mubarak managed to keep a lid on violence in the Middle East, helping to promote peace with Israel as well.   Still, the American president encouraged the overthrow of an ally government, encouraging violence in the street while promoting the political ambitions of a terrorist organization (the Muslim Brotherhood, an outfit supportive of Hamas and Al-Qaeda, both involved in global terrorism.)

The sworn enemies of the U.S., organizations that have declared war on the American government and the American people—-The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda—-are the groups Obama supports and promotes.

Obama has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to Hamas.

He armed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while it held power, sending billions in cash and military hardware.

Obama waged illegal war in Libya to topple Qaddafi, giving Al-Qaeda every opportunity to gain advantage there, resulting in Benghazi.  Thus, Obama helped Al-Qaeda secure 20,000 shoulder-fired missiles, weapons now finding their way into Syria to kill civilians (primarily Christian women and children.)

If all this were not enough, Obama’s policies foretell American defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, places where Jihad now gains advantage through terrorism.

The violence Obama is responsible for, he decries, expecting we will not remember his war crimes across the board.  No doubt his obvious hostility toward Israel is a driving motivation for his support of Jihad.

By any reasonable measure, Obama works with our enemies toward our destruction.  Here is the straightforward definition of treason:   The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it, or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

When will this traitor be brought to justice?


Allan Erickson enjoyed an 11-year career in radio, television and print journalism as a reporter, talk show host, and operations manager. He then turned to sales and marketing for a decade. Twelve years ago he started a training and recruitment company. Allan & wife Jodi have four children and live in California. He is the author of the book “The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence,” Tate Publishing, 2012. He is available to speak in churches addressing the topics of faith and freedom.  To contact him, email:  allanlerickson@gmail.com

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