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PETA compares hunting literature to pornography


According to the deep thinkers at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, stores carrying hunting magazines should keep them behind the counter along with hardcore pornographic material.

In a letter to the CEO of a retail chain, the animal rights activist group suggested such magazines implicitly encourage kids to become murderers.

“If looking at pornography could encourage kids to become sexually active as some child advocates suggest,” the letter states, “what could looking at magazines that portray killing as exciting and rewarding do to them? We know that many of the school shooters who killed their classmates first hunted animals.”

These haters of the Second Amendment have no qualms about sharing their true, disturbing message. Like most of their fellow lunatic leftists, they feel anyone with a gun is a potential threat while conservatives know that an armed populace acts much more as a crime deterrent.

The main difference between PETA and other anti-gun nuts is the victim about which each group is concerned. Treating hunters as cold-blooded murderers, PETA’s letter states that “hunting can devastate not only entire families but entire communities.”

This group constantly grants animals the same rights, feelings, and cultural status as humans, thus giving their vapid arguments more weight to an uninformed public.

“Baby deer are often orphaned when hunters kill their parents,” PETA contends in an apparent attempt to reach emotional “Bambi” fans.

Appealing to individuals by demonizing those participating in a perfectly legal act is intellectually dishonest, but the left has made a very successful political platform by doing exactly that.
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