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PETA ad to kids compares Thanksgiving turkey to Fido


A disturbing billboard being displayed adjacent to schools in Nevada feature a turkey with the head of a Jack Russell terrier and a pro-vegan message directly to children: “Kids: If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey?” the ad asked, instructing its audience to “go vegan.”

Our nation’s children receive more than enough leftist indoctrination inside the public school system. When an extremist organization like PETA actively targets them further upon leaving school, the best intentions by traditional parents to teach conservative values scarcely stand a chance.

Even with the sorry state of America’s educational system, I must believe most children can differentiate between the family pet and a large poultry bird synonymous with Thanksgiving for generations.

Still, should a youngster decide to research PETA’s vegan propaganda further, they can find plenty on the group’s website. For instance, kids can order a free tombstone to stick in the turkey, provided they include the reason they are not eating the bird this year.

“Here lies the corpse of a tortured bird,” the passive-aggressive marker reads.

In response to the campaign, a PETA spokesperson warned against familes celebrating “a time for reflection and kindness … by eating the decomposing corpse of a tortured bird.”

This outlandish rhetoric can serve no purpose but to unduly influence the sensibilities of the next generation.

Another activist suggested that if kids “thought about how turkeys feel pain and fear just as dogs and cats do, they would want to switch out those drumsticks for Tofurky,” adding “families can give turkeys something to be thankful for by choosing delicious vegan meals.”

Nothing against anyone who happens to choose the vegan lifestyle, but I rarely see the words “vegan” and “delicious” in the same sentence.

Should a vegan couple choose to raise their children with those values, I will defend that decision to the very end. When groups like PETA circumvent the influence of parents, though, using incendiary language to communicate a point, we must tell them enough is enough.

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