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Well, who better than a psychiatrist knows a Napoleon Complex when he sees one? And yet, instead of rejecting this crude canard conducted by sociopaths (as they labeled sodomites until 1968), the APA caved.


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Well, in 1973, open homosexuals were not even allowed to practice psychiatry. But in that year, a group of “newly energized [and closet] homosexual psychiatrists” met at a gay bar in Hawaii during the APA annual meeting there. In short order, they engineered a reversal of the group’s official view ­ in response to strident “gay activism,” according to the account of one participant.

“It never was a medical decision,” writes Lesbian chronicler Barbara Gittings. “It was a political move.”

So much for the junk science routinely cited as gospel in the sodomite media.

“Gay activism” works, as Reilly demonstrates in the chapters that chronicle sodomy’s “March Through The Institutions.”

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The prospective reader might assume that Reilly merely recounts what’s already appeared, ad nauseam, in blogs, magazines, and other media.

Quite the contrary: the true virtue of this study is its patient, consistent, and thorough treatment that probes far below the cacophony of the culture wars.

Indeed, this revealing work probes not only the fundamental errors of the Sodomy Sanctifiers, but also the magnitude of their lustful lunge for power.

Reilly depicts a sodomite movement so grim, vicious, and determined that it makes Saul Alinsky look like Mother Teresa.

All in a calm and compelling tone. The book seeks not to attack but to understand; and for that, it is essential reading.

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