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Finally, the Word of God calls the Jews God’s chosen ones, His firstborn whom He will never abandon. Christians and Jews, comprising more than a third of the world’s population, believe the prophecies about Israel rising from the ashes – a unique achievement in world history – because they have all come true. Jesus was born and remains a Jew of Israel. He says if we expect to be acknowledged by His Father we had best acknowledge Him. Where I come from if you want to acknowledge me, you acknowledge those I love. The Holy Scriptures – and I refer to materials that have proven accurate in the crush of world events – demand better treatment than this for Israel.

I asked what this means for the American people. The great majority of us know the truth – and the justice – of what is written here. It means we must rise up as a people and demand our government act with justice, mercy, and a newfound humility toward people who deserve our support. It means we must stay in the game until truth prevails. The Israelis have suffered enough and we have waffled enough.


Photo Credit: Kudumomo Creative Commons

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