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People Died, And Obama Lied


Where do we begin? So many deaths and so many lies…

Let’s start with the most recent one, shall we? Barack Hussein Obama deliberately and unconstitutionally attacked Libya with air strikes during the Arab spring, which he touted as the greatest outbreak of Democracy that he had ever seen. Many people lost their lives as a result of these airstrikes, as well as the Libyan leader. He may have been a mad man, but at least he helped keep the Middle East stable. After ordering US weapons to be given to the rebels, America finds out that some of the rebels are members of some of the more popular terrorist groups. The result of all of this “help” that the Obama regime gave to the rebels? Our consulate was attacked, and our US ambassador and three aides were murdered. Also, the Ambassador was sodomized before his death. Upon learning of this news, Obama didn’t change his plans a bit. He continued to his next campaign stop in Las Vegas and went about his plans with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Shortly after, in the midst of the fallout from this terrorist attack (yes, I said it), he still found time to go on David Letterman’s show. For the first three weeks of the fallout, Obama blamed some little-known video for the attack and then went before the United Nations and blamed OUR first amendment right to free speech for the Muslim outrage.

Now let’s move on to “Fast and Furious”. Obama and Eric Holder were funneling guns into Mexico to the drug cartels for reasons that are still unknown to the American people. The Mexican government was never made aware of such an operation. Hundreds of Mexican citizens were killed as well as one of our border patrol officers.  Once the Congressional investigation started, Obama invoked executive order protection for himself and Eric Holder, and still, there are no answers.

Last but not least, we have the Ft. Hood, Texas terrorist attack (yup, I said it again), where Doctor Nidal Hassan opened fire on unarmed military troops while yelling out Arabic praises to Allah. When Obama found out about the shooting, America had to wait until he gave a “shout out” to a Native American medicine man before he would comment. Incidentally, Obama and his Department of Homeland Security deemed the Ft. Hood murders as “workplace violence”.

Barack Hussein Obama is now running for a second term in office as the most powerful man in the world. If he wins, how many more will die? What he has done in his first term clearly constitutes TREASON! Giving aid and comfort to our enemies is punishable under the United States Constitution by as high of a sentence as DEATH! Our complacent military leaders and campaign donation-hungry politicians need to get busy and do the job that WE THE PEOPLE have called on them to do. Barack Hussein Obama is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to America and must be dealt with accordingly and IMMEDIATELY. As always, my fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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