Paul’s Campaign Draws Huge Crowds in Iowa


The mainstream media is perplexed by the large crowds Ron Paul is drawing in Iowa. While he still isn’t on top of the polls, Paul as this report from confirms, has the enthusiastic support of many in the grassroots.

An Iowa campaign rally by Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is a decidedly stripped-down affair.

There are few signs, no theme song and a candidate more comfortable discussing a return to the gold standard than glad-handing for votes. His message has largely been ignored for most of his long political career. But it’s now striking a chord with voters angry over federal bank bailouts, government dysfunction and the burgeoning national debt.

The crowd listens quietly. It’s a large one for a GOP presidential race by Iowa standards. The Texas congressman speaks for about 30 minutes, takes questions, smiles for a few photos then disappears behind a door.


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