Paul Ryan’s Foreign Policy: Neo-Con or Reagan-like?


While the establishment media have focused their attention on Paul Ryan’s plan to curb federal spending and save Medicare and Social Security, we give Michael Barone — principal author of The Almanac of American Politics and Senior Political Analyst for the conservative Washington Examiner — a tip of the hat for pointing out another side of Paul Ryan: his thinking on foreign policy.

Unlike presumptive Republican presidential nominee Governor Mitt Romney, whose career has been in business and state government, Ryan, as a member of Congress, has cast many votes related to foreign policy and national defense. As Chairman and a long-time member of the House Budget Committee, Ryan has also participated in many hearings on national defense and foreign policy.

Many of these votes and hearings were about the policies of the George W. Bush administration and its strongly neo-con influenced foreign policy. Many of Ryan’s votes reflect the willingness of House Republicans to support Bush’s policies.

However, if one looks to Ryan’s comments during the Budget Committee hearings and to a significant speech he gave to the Alexander Hamilton Society, it reveals a much more subtle — and conservative — approach to foreign policy than Bush’s.

Ryan began his June 2, 2011 remarks to the Alexander Hamilton Society by observing that federal entitlement programs have become unsustainable “In 1970, these programs consumed about 20 percent of the budget. Today that number has grown to over 40 percent… Over the same period, defense spending has shrunk as a share of the federal budget from about 39 percent to just under 16 percent – even as we conduct an ambitious global war on terrorism.”

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