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We have the chief community organizer for ACORN sitting in the oval office, but we cannot figure out why the liberals/communists have so much power?

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I have specified many times that the liberal/communist base makes up only about thirty percent of the American population, according to any polling data that you look at. Why then are these people able to push an agenda that seventy percent of us disagree with? The answer is simple. We have been out-organized at every level. They have had the same plan for over one hundred years and have stuck to it. They always seem to stay at least two steps ahead of us. Their organizational skills are astounding.

Over the decades, the Conservative mindset has been based on cause and effect. We spend so much time dealing with the effects of  liberal/communist policies that we do not take any time to deal with the cause. Obamacare, for instance, was laid out way back when Clinton was in office, when it was called Hillarycare. We thought it had been defeated, but we were wrong. That was simply a test to see what the American people would tolerate. The same thing happened with gay marriage; they spoke the loudest, we did little or nothing about it, and how did that work out for us?

My point is that we have spent so much time trying to survive the effects of these liberal/ communist policies that we have not taken the time to go after the cause. The Obama regime is a target-rich field of crimes and misdemeanors against we the people and the Constitution of the United States. It’s well past time to go after the cause of America’s failure and demand JUSTICE!

We the people must out-organize those who seek to destroy us. We must find like-minded groups of individuals to stand with, merge with, and, if need be, fight with. I fear at this point our very existence as a free people is at stake. As always my fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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Photo credit: formatted_dad (Creative Commons)

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