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The bipartisan members of the Crony Crowd must be shaking for the drinks right now. Their entire operation, lubricated by billions of taxpayer dollars, is in real danger of drying up.

Is Cochran Next?

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It’s not only in Virginia that this earthquake is being felt. The ground is also shuddering in Mississippi, where Sen. Thad Cochran, a big-spending appropriator who has been spreading the money around forever, will have to defend his seat in a Republican primary runoff against another Tea Party favorite, State Senator Chris McDaniel.

Cochran calls McDaniel an “extremist,” but the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney has a better read on the situation. Cochran is a king of pork, according to Carney; and in the last three years, during which earmarks were permitted by the Republican caucus, Cochrane advocated a cool billion dollars’ worth, all by himself.

Cochran’s supporters on Lobbyist Row waxed cynical at their darling’s poor showing in the first primary voting.

Carney reveals a “tweet” from a “revolving-door K Streeter” who speaks from the Crony perspective: “I guess Mississippi doesn’t want Federal money anymore. I betcha there are 49 states that will gladly take it.”

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After Cochran and Co. first “take it” from the taxpayer, of course.

These are the guys Pope Francis is talking about when he condemns rampant greed in the West. It has nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with the Mafia-style thuggery and corruption that prevails in both his home country of Argentina and his new home in Italy, where the same kind of crony favoritism prevailed under Mussolini’s Fascism as well.

Cantor’s defeat is “bad news for big business,” says the Washington Post. Well, it’s bad for the Post too, and for the Wall Street Journal, where Cantor’s “stunning defeat shatters in one dramatic stroke” the GOP Establishment’s dreams of being in power forever.

It’s seldom that the Plunderers are so soundly defeated by the People. But the GOP had better get used to it – or get out their tape measures and start checking out the Minority offices on Capitol Hill.

Photo credit: Jimmy Smith (Flickr)

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