Palin’s Notes, Obama’s Teleprompter, and the Increasingly Stupid Media


We’ve seen enough Obama speeches to realize that the calm, charismatic, clear-spoken, smooth, and articulate politician that left-wing activists and media members want to portray is nothing of the sort. Take Obama’s teleprompter away, and out come the ums and errs. But, because it’s Obama, his rabid followers are full of excuses: he can’t remember everything, he gives so many speeches, the teleprompter is just like having note cards. Blah, blah, blah.

However, replace the word Obama with the word Palin — as in former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — and the left wingers sing a different tune. It’s ok for Obama to read word for word from a teleprompter, but heaven help us if Sarah Palin uses note cards during the speech! But Palin had the last laugh, and the left ends up looking stupid and hypocritical. Nice job!

It turns out that left wing bloggers and media members are having a field day because Palin, during her speech and Q&A session at the recent Tea Party convention, had notes jotted on the palm of her hand. Yes, you heard it right… the left is in an uproar because Palin scribbled a few talking points on her hand. The world is surely coming to an end.

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