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Palin doesn’t mention Romney in address to conservative bloggers


Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin rallied conservative media activists for “victory in 2012” as the keynote speaker at the RightOnline conference in Las Vegas on Friday, but never mentioned the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

Instead, Palin directed fire at her two favorite targets – President Obama and the mainstream media.

“We would have known, had the media done its job, of [Obama’s] strange attraction to the most leftist -– radical of leftist ideas,” Palin said, adding that “if [the media] had done their job, perhaps we would not be shocked to know that our White House would politicize national security by leaking highly confidential information to prop up the polls.”

National security leaks which led to news reports documenting the administration’s “kill list” of suspected terrorists and a cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear program sparked congressional anger and led to charges from GOP lawmakers that the leaks were intended to bolster Obama’s foreign policy credentials.

President Obama, earlier this month, rebuked critics who suggested the White House purposely leaked national security information to help his reelection campaign.

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