Palin-backed candidate Deb Fischer surging in Nebraska Senate primary


An establishment candidate, a favorite of Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) and a candidate backed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) square off Tuesday in a GOP primary for Nebraska’s open Senate seat.

All eyes are on Deb Fischer, a Republican state senator and Palin’s pick for the seat, whose underdog campaign appears to have surged past her rivals’ in the final days before the primary.

For months, state Attorney General Jon Bruning had a clear double-digit lead over Fischer and state Treasurer Don Stenberg, who has been backed by DeMint, the Club for Growth and other fiscal-conservative groups. Few Republicans saw a realistic opportunity for Stenberg to overtake Bruning, and even fewer thought Fischer could pull off an upset victory.

But a series of last-minute surveys shows Fischer surging despite her shoestring campaign and millions of dollars in ads that Bruning, Stenberg and their allies have aired. A survey released Monday by independent firm We Ask America showed Fischer pulling into first place, taking 39 percent to Bruning’s 34 and Stenberg’s 18.

“Nebraska’s got a pretty good record of supporting underdogs. [Sen.] Mike Johanns [R-Neb.] was an underdog,” Fischer told The Hill.

Read More at The Hill. By Josh Lederman.

Photo Credit: sskennel Creative Commons


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