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Outrageous: Obama Eligibility Skeptics Censored


On Sunday, August 12th, OETA (Oklahoma’s public television channel) aired Senator Tom Coburn’s Town Hall meeting held August 7, 2012, in the auditorium of Rogers State University in Claremore. Completely missing from the video were a series of exchanges between Sen. Coburn and TEA Party leaders there to refute, in person, misinformation they received in letters from the senator.

Miki Booth, originally from Hawai’i and founder of Route 66 Tea Party in Miami, OK; Jimmie Kreizenbeck, OKWest TEA Party organizer; and other TEA Party supporters arrived early and took their places in the front row of the auditorium to increase their chances of being called on. Their main goal was to ask the senator to look at the evidence of forgery and fraud compiled by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse, led by Detective Mike Zullo, regarding Obama’s alleged birth record on the White House.gov website. Sheriff Arpaio believes a congressional investigation is warranted.

[In a one-hour press conference on March 1, 2012, Sheriff Arpaio and Det. Zullo announced they found probable cause that both Obama’s birth certificate released to the public on April 27, 2011 and his selective service application card were manufactured forgeries. This stunning revelation was mostly ignored by the media. Reporters attending the press conference attacked the messengers by questioning the Maricopa County officials’ motives and implying their efforts were in retaliation to Attorney General Eric Holder lawsuit charging the sheriff with civil rights violations of illegal aliens. After a nine month investigation, the law enforcement team declared they had indisputable evidence that the birth certificate claimed by Obama to be his official birth record was a manufactured forgery, or manipulated file if you will.]

Sen. Coburn addressed the crowd of about 75 attendees and a few local members of the press, stating he was there to hear his constituents’ concerns and to answer their questions. Miki Booth was called on first. Some of her concerns are recorded in the Youtube video below.

Booth was able to state her case challenging the information in Coburn’s letter to her as grossly incorrect. She asked if he relied on research from the CRS (Congressional Research Service) to respond to questions about Obama’s background. He answered “Yes” and added that Snopes and FactCheck are used too, completely unaware of the fact that all three (and many other information sources available to his staff) are either Democrat-run or far-left disinformation entities. Asked if he would contact Sheriff Joe Arpaio to hear his evidence, Sen. Coburn answered, “Yes.”

Mission accomplished; but although OETA’s video that aired Sunday night clearly shows Booth and two other Article II Eligibility supporters seated in the front row, their arguably combative exchanges with Sen. Coburn were completely edited out.

Photo credit: Guerretto (Creative Commons)

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