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Our open letter to The House and Senate GOP


Two weeks ago, you and I signed a letter urging Republicans in the House and Senate to fight for their conservative principles. As the new year grows nearer, a reminder seems due.

Will you please email and tweet links to our open letter? The wider the circulation, the more positive effect we can expect to have.

You may download or link to the letter and accompanying signatures here:http://bit.ly/SDrdEJ

If you choose to tweet, please use the hashtag #NoCliffDeal. I’ll retweet your message to share it with my own network on Twitter.

You may also consider addressing your choice of House and Senate leadership in your tweet: Speaker Boehner (@SpeakerBoehner), Sen. McConnell (@McConnellPress), Rep. Eric Cantor (@EricCantor), and/or Rep. Kevin McCarthy (@GOPWhip).

Their staff, who likely saw our letter previously, will not be thrilled to see it again.



Morton Blackwell Chairman, Weyrich Lunch

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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