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Our Money, Mr. Obama, NOT Yours!


Mr. Obama, apparently you and your SOCIALIST minions think that the money earned by American taxpayers is yours to do with as you please. You want to take from those who have worked hard, earned their way, and have paid more than their fair share to governments (local, state, and federal.) In fact, they have all paid MORE than their fair share when you consider, which you won’t of course, that God Himself only asks for 10%!

Citizens are required to pay ONLY for those services that are required by our Constitution. Things like the estate or “death tax” are not only unfair; they are IMMORAL. The people who have left estates to their children or whomever already paid their share of taxes to the government and owe you NOTHING!  Yes, wealth should be allowed to be passed on without further penalty of taxes, Comrades. Someone EARNED that wealth, and what they do with it (short of trying to subvert the United States) is NONE of the government’s business!

I heard former Congressman Anthony Weiner tell Megan Kelly of Fox News, when she asked Weiner if the “death tax” wasn’t unfair, “you’re dead; you’re not paying the tax.” So in other words, you really don’t own your money? How arrogant and condescending is that statement? You see, those who are wealthy, unless they believe in the PROGRESSIVE agenda, should not be allowed to give that money to their own family but to the government so that it is spent on the “left” kind of programs!

Josephine Sixpack (Joe Sixpacks’ wife) takes some of her after-tax money and invests it into stocks as a retirement fund. She is paid interest called dividends on the money that she invested if the companies that her money went into do well! If not, she will lose her money. The government then taxes the dividends again when she takes the money out to live on. The current rate is 15%, but Obama wants to almost TRIPLE that rate to 43.3%! Why should you be double-taxed on money that you were smart enough to invest in order to live in retirement?

You want to be “fair”, Mr. Obama? Then make the 50% of the people who pay no federal tax at all pay at LEAST a token amount for the services that they receive. It is NOT the duty of taxpayers to supply you with a never-ending supply of their hard-earned income. It is the obligation of the government to live within the limits of the money that it takes to run the essential government, not the utopian nightmare envisioned by the PROGRESSIVE zombies. God Himself said in the Bible that “a man who fails to take care of his own family is worse than an infidel.” How are people supposed to do that if the government continually takes the money needed for a man to do just that?

Obama passes the largest tax increase in history through his Obamacare law, and NOW he wants to raise taxes on the rich to bring even more money into the government for them to waste. The Democrats have presented NO budget for over three years for a reason. If they put in writing what they want to do with your money, they know that there would be a midnight “tar and feather” party, standing outside the gates of the White House and the Capital Building. Transparency is just one of the many lies that this administration uttered to get elected.

Our money DOES NOT belong to you and your comrades, Mr. Obama, no matter how you package it. ( Oh, it’s for the children’s education. Oh, it’s for clean air and water. Oh, it’s to save the endangered moderate democrat, yada, yada, yada!) If you need money so badly, then why not go to your Socialist master George Soros and his buddies and ask them for some of their offshore billions?

Capital gains taxes, dividend taxes, and estate taxes, charged to whatever economic class of people, are WRONG. These taxes are nothing more than double-taxing citizens; yet, you want more? Your reckless spending needs to stop NOW! More taxes won’t make you happy, but they will drive wealthy Americans offshore to more tax-friendly countries. Is that what you and your zombies really want, Mr. Obama? Please tell us when the wealthy are all gone where you plan on getting the money to replace theirs! You people never think that far ahead, which is really scary! Think about this real hard this November, people.

One more thing. The Obama campaign has slammed Mitt Romney for being an “outsourcer of jobs.” I find that hilarious, considering that Obama’s buddy, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt shipped the entire x-ray machine division of G.E. to China!  Oh yeah, I forgot, when your people do it, Mr. Obama, it doesn’t count! Yeah, that’s fair…..RIGHT!



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