Our Modern Abe: When the Media Love Obama So Much, They Hate Themselves


Barack Obama 8 SC

Here we go again: a liberal journalist feeling Barack Obama’s pain, that he would be instantly judged by the media. Wait, the Obama-mythologizing, pinch-me-history-is-happening media? Yes. Time’s David Von Drehle wrote an article titled “Obama’s Fort Hood Speech: Lost in Translation.” Von Drehle compared it to…the Gettysburg Address:

Lincoln was lucky. His speech at Gettysburg wasn’t televised, and so he wasn’t subjected to hours of commentary in advance of his address, setting expectations, or hours after his speech, analyzing his every word.

No one tried to tease out the difference between his “Commander in Chief moment” and his “pastor-in-chief role,” as various TV pundits undertook to do while waiting for President Barack Obama to speak at a memorial service Tuesday for the men and women killed last week in the massacre at Fort Hood. Televised speeches now come larded in so much analysis, before and after, that it becomes almost impossible to connect with them in a genuine, visceral way.

Time magazine is beating its collective breast: we are not the makers of glorious Obama history! We are the blabby pundits that prevent a “genuine, visceral” connection with Obama’s eloquence!

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