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Osamaphrenia: Obama’s Ever-Changing Political Stories about Killing Bin Laden


by Doug Book

The Regime of Change has outdone itself, for since the May 2nd death of Osama bin Laden; nothing has changed more consistently than the story of the al-Qaeda master’s demise.

We have been told that bin Laden was armed and fired at his attackers, that he despicably used a struggling woman as a shield and that a 40-minute firefight preceded his death.

Then we learned that only bin Laden’s personal courier had a weapon, a woman was wounded only because she flung herself in front of her vile hero, and the SEAL force faced little or no resistance after entering the walled compound.

So, why is there such confusion in what should be a straightforward story of objective, mission, and result?

Because as always in Obama’s world, this was first and foremost a political exercise.

Clearly defined ends are a good idea in most endeavors. But in politics they are dangerous, for political objectives are as many and varied as the number of groups which need to be pacified, placated or bought off. In recounting the story of bin Laden’s death, Obama’s leftist base must be pacified– the depraved, wanton murder of 3,000 Americans clearly doesn’t warrant mistreatment of the terrorist responsible; the Muslim world must be placated – hence the tales of scrupulous adherence to Islamic burial ritual; and the American public (or more correctly, prospective Obama voters) must be shown the courageous and noble work of the consummate commander-in-chief. Naturally, one straightforward accounting cannot hope to do it all!

So as we wade through the coming weeks of ever changing hyperbole, remember that inventing a satisfactory legend takes time. After all, the left has spent 49 years refining the Tale of Obama himself. And they have yet to begin any investigation of its facts.

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