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4.  Defund all Obama directives and expenses, since using our precious tax dollars (as generated by our heartbeats) against our will, to fund a treasonous Counterfeit President, makes citizens, by default, complicit with Obama’s treason. Defund the Obama Crime Family (or I encourage taxpayers to defund Congress by diverting federal tax payments from the US Treasury to a temporary legal private holding company subject to negotiated release to the US Treasury.)

5.  Take this letter and instruct Paul Irving, the US House Sergeant-at- Arms, to arrest international criminals Barack and Michelle Soetoro-Obama, Joseph Biden, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, and Nancy Pelosi–and identify/prosecute for treason/sentence/execute sentences.

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History may record that Soetoro-Obama’s legacy was that of America’s first NULL AND VOID Presidency!

John Andrew Boehner, you have been in Washington, Deceit since 1991. Your all-consuming involvement in Republican Party fundraising and personal enrichment is just a criminal pursuit of pay-to-play with a criminal “President” Obama. Your “living on borrowed time” statement reveals that your primary interest is to retire as a wealthy federal pensioner in your $835,000 Marco Island pleasure residence. But will harmed Americans allow you to avoid a retirement in jail instead, or allow you to resign and escape responsibility for not acting on your criminal knowledge herein (just as President Johnson did during his Vietnam War by walking away from a second term after he raised troop levels in Vietnam to 500,000 souls, or like Rep. Barney Frank retired comfortably after the crash of the housing market under his former tutelage)?

Out of a population of some 318 million Americans, we can distill our focus now to three men who hold the future prospects of America in their minds: US House Speaker John Boehner, US Rep. Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III, and the media’s seasoned “Prince of the Press”–William James “Bill” O’Reilly II.  When these three wise men work together to fully identify and prosecute President Soetoro-Obama for all of America, they will have harnessed the power of knowledge to free the hostage named America. But are these men patriots or paychecks? Time and Trey will tell.


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