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An Open Letter To John Andrew Boehner

From a concerned citizen.


As Speaker of the US House of Representatives, you are second in line after Obama to act as President. You and I are the same age, we have same-county Florida residences, and we are both Republicans. Yet your refusal to fully identify Obama and hold Obama accountable for his many treasonous “phony scandals” has me wondering daily if you are actor John Boehner, or actor John Banner, the Shultz character in Hogan’s Heroes.


In reality, your I-know-nothing-persona that is carefully tanned, tailored, and calmed before the viewing American public is the treasonous concealment of your personal knowledge of criminal acts. Why shouldn’t you legally be imprisoned for treason for aiding the lawless Obama Crime Family?

The Founding Fathers thoughtfully engineered a republic-democracy structure of self-governance, with the US Constitution being their blueprint,  and framed your House with three powers to keep any errant President in check:

  1. Power of the purse (but you have funded Obama’s lawlessness with vast sums of newly engraved dollars and $7,600,000,000,000 of new federal debt since 2009.)
  2. Power of impeachment (but you have recently squelched such action to pass the buck to an outside court to sue Obama.)
  3. Sergeant-at-Arms arrest (but you have curiously relinquished this power; however, I have started to work with you on a citizen’s arrest of Obama.)

Obama has deliberately harmed and humiliated America since 2008: Law Center Drafts and Launches Articles of Impeachment of Obama!

Yet Obama’s endless parade of planned treasonous acts, in concert with our obligingly hijacked federal government, are merely symptoms of one  undeniable problem: America is piloted by a covered-up non-Constitutional Islamic operative, namely, one disarming, carefully-marketed smiley-faced insolent Barack Hussein Obama–aka Barry Soetoro, a drugged lawless crime boss posing as “President”.

And you, Speaker Boehner, have inescapable criminal knowledge of this gigantic singular problem, in spite of your passive I-know-nothing- exterior.

Speaker Boehner, act as follows or turn yourself in to the US House Sergeant-at-Arms, Paul Irving, for committing treason:

1. America, Rep. Boehner, and Congress: accept as fact this law enforcement knowledge.

2. You have been asked repeatedly for years to investigate Obama’s full identify, and you have repeatedly stonewalled this effort.  Mr. Boehner, tear down this wall! Take my $10,200 federal income tax payment I submitted last April and use it to help ensure that Rep. Trey Gowdy’s unfettered Benghazi investigation includes the full identity of Obama.

3. As a structural engineer, let me frame the argument this way: recognize that it is the inalienable Constitutional right for all legal American citizens to know the full identity of any presidential  candidate and any incumbent president (since he/she may become the keeper of the keys to America’s nuclear arsenal); and all who work to hijack that inalienable right, for any reason or any circumstance, are guilty of and punishable for treason, which is death by hanging or imprisonment.

Ignore Obama’s very first illegal act in office on JAN 21, 2009 of issuing pre-meditated Executive Order 13489 which was intended to cover-up Obama’s President-disqualifying identity from all Americans, including all electoral college participants.

4.  Defund all Obama directives and expenses, since using our precious tax dollars (as generated by our heartbeats) against our will, to fund a treasonous Counterfeit President, makes citizens, by default, complicit with Obama’s treason. Defund the Obama Crime Family (or I encourage taxpayers to defund Congress by diverting federal tax payments from the US Treasury to a temporary legal private holding company subject to negotiated release to the US Treasury.)

5.  Take this letter and instruct Paul Irving, the US House Sergeant-at- Arms, to arrest international criminals Barack and Michelle Soetoro-Obama, Joseph Biden, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, and Nancy Pelosi–and identify/prosecute for treason/sentence/execute sentences.

History may record that Soetoro-Obama’s legacy was that of America’s first NULL AND VOID Presidency!

John Andrew Boehner, you have been in Washington, Deceit since 1991. Your all-consuming involvement in Republican Party fundraising and personal enrichment is just a criminal pursuit of pay-to-play with a criminal “President” Obama. Your “living on borrowed time” statement reveals that your primary interest is to retire as a wealthy federal pensioner in your $835,000 Marco Island pleasure residence. But will harmed Americans allow you to avoid a retirement in jail instead, or allow you to resign and escape responsibility for not acting on your criminal knowledge herein (just as President Johnson did during his Vietnam War by walking away from a second term after he raised troop levels in Vietnam to 500,000 souls, or like Rep. Barney Frank retired comfortably after the crash of the housing market under his former tutelage)?

Out of a population of some 318 million Americans, we can distill our focus now to three men who hold the future prospects of America in their minds: US House Speaker John Boehner, US Rep. Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III, and the media’s seasoned “Prince of the Press”–William James “Bill” O’Reilly II.  When these three wise men work together to fully identify and prosecute President Soetoro-Obama for all of America, they will have harnessed the power of knowledge to free the hostage named America. But are these men patriots or paychecks? Time and Trey will tell.



Photo credit: david silver (Flickr)

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