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Pro Gun Democrats SC

Dear Democrat:

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From time to time, I have actually met a Democrat. Judging from many election results, you would think I would run into them everywhere. It’s like they come out of nowhere when it’s time to vote.

I have to admit I am having a real hard time understanding how you think much of the time. Some of you have not only voted once for Obama; you did it twice. Now I can understand the first time, but I certainly cannot understand why anyone would have voted for him the second time. I keep expecting to hear any day now that he is resigning from office, admitting he doesn’t really know what he is doing. Then, I think, what if he does know? And I get really scared.

Take this budget/debt crisis we have now.

We are already 17 trillion dollars in debt. Does anybody see a problem here? Do you really want to keep borrowing and printing money forever? Is there some dollar amount when you will say “That is enough. We really need to stop borrowing any more money”? 20 trillion? 30 trillion?

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And I’m thinking, what are they thinking?

Is it because they can? I keep wishing that someday, I will make enough money that I don’t have to scrimp and save to make my property tax payments, or I can just write a check when the time comes without blinking an eye. I think that happened a few times.

I am guessing that when they got to Washington or Springfield, they were told that being a Congressman or a Senator is almost like being a little king or queen. People are going to be coming to them bringing gifts seeking their favor. They will have the power to grant wishes; and while they won’t be able to keep all the money they control, they will be able to spend it like there is no tomorrow. And they will be able to make a lot of money much easier than out in the real world.

I admit that can be a real heady experience.

Democrats pride themselves on being compassionate and diverse. And Republicans are criticized by them as focused on just one demographic group, which is true; but it’s just not the one the Democrats think it is.

The Republicans have tried to see our nation as one people, not different people competing for the same small shares of the pie, but an ever-expanding pie as individuals are free to pursue their dreams. They try to see us all as Americans, not Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, gays, or women.

Republicans are well aware that millions of people have come to our country to start a new life, and the way they did it was by becoming Americans. Furthermore, the way for them to succeed was to assimilate into the American identity. It was very easy for these new immigrants to start their own businesses and to work their way up to a middle class or better existence.

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