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It appears our veterans and the Constitution are under assault from you, just like the men in Benghazi were under attack by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood are nothing but terrorists and should be treated as such. You want to take guns from us while arming the Muslim Brotherhood. To be bluntly honest, your actions are un-American and more in line with those of the Muslim Brotherhood. Can you explain this? Why do you let them kill Christians and continue to finance their murderous actions?

I would send troops to Africa until we free every girl from Boko Haram. Those girls should never be slaves. Boko Haram believes they have the right to kill Christians and kidnap girls into slavery as Sharia law attests. Why is it you do nothing? Do you believe in slavery?

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I also watch the news, and I must say that you and Holder are guilty of gun-running and murder in Mexico and the United States. This makes you the worst kind of international terrorist. Is that why you purchased three billion bullets? Can you tell me what you intend to do with them?

I’m sure your transparent government can explain all my accusations. Watch the news; maybe you’ll learn something. Take a break from your vacations and run this country properly. I would be thoroughly embarrassed to run a country like America and say I only know what I see on the news. It verifies that you, and all the people you have hired, are either incompetent or plan to destroy our county.

Our veterans have sacrificed for our country. You have the gall to ask all Americans to sacrifice, while you and your wife live the elite life more like a king and queen. You, sir, are not a king and should be doing your job as the leader of our country.

You personally have done more to destroy race relations, and create racial bias and hate, than any man in the history of America. You swore an oath to protect the Constitution and all Americans. Not African-Americans, not Muslim-Americans, but ALL Americans. Your words are filled with false promises. You have broken your oath. You are guilty of treason.

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I didn’t need to watch the news to learn why you are tearing apart America’s military. It’s because they swore an oath to protect America from all invaders, foreign AND “domestic.”

Personally, I can only dream of following in the shoes of our veterans and people like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Patrick Henry. For the radical left, those shoes don’t fit; and to them, I am America’s worst enemy.




Joe Barfield, American

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