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Why would the administration and the Department of Justice not cooperate in cleaning up the voter registration problems across the country? Why would they intentionally make it more difficult to tabulate votes from our military personnel? Why would they block efforts to ensure fair, legitimate, and accurate elections and instead facilitate voter fraud? There can only be one logical answer: because they lose flexibility in election results, and theirs is “The Chicago Way.”

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According to Politico:

The United States’ voter registration system is in chaos — about 24 million registrations are no longer valid and nearly 2 million dead people are still on voter rolls. Along with the one of every eight voter registrations that is not valid or has significant inaccuracies, there are 2.75 million people currently registered to vote in more than one state, the Pew Center on the States study found. And the millions of problematic registrations aren’t the only issue — researchers estimate at least 51 million eligible U.S. citizens aren’t registered to vote. That’s nearly one in four. Additionally, about 12 million records have incorrect addresses, meaning it’s unlikely any mailings can reach these voters, the research in the report shows. There also are more than 1.8 million deceased people who still have active registration on voter rolls.

Yet, the administration is blocking efforts by Florida, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania, and several other states to clean up their voter registration lists. Apparently, removing the deceased from the voter roles proscribes the type of flexibility the Chicago boys require to assure election results. Five counties in Illinois have more registered voters than eligible voters. These facts demythologize the truisms about the “dead” voting in Illinois elections, especially in Chicago.

In Florida specifically, voting laws were passed last year to restrict early voting. Demographic data showed anomalous voting trends occurring, and Florida officials felt the system was susceptible to fraud. The new laws also required third party groups like ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) to turn in their registration lists within 48 hours for verification. Remember, ACORN is a group that Barack Obama worked for as a “leadership training supervisor” and as a community organizer for “Project Vote!” a national program of ACORN for voter registration expansion, with a long and storied history of voter registration fraud. For some reason, Florida’s immediate verification system caused third-party registrations to stop altogether.

The administration, through its Department of Justice (it would be impossible to make this up and have it be more ironic than it is!) is also opposing voter ID laws. They’ve filed in several states to block implementation of laws that require some sort of personal identification at the time of voting, even though thirty states currently require it. Some sort of identification is required for most government services and by all private sector firms that accept checks for payment. The assertion that some sort of identification at the polls can be deemed “voter suppression” can only be valid if the “voters” being suppressed are somehow illegal to vote, registered in multiple venues, or deceased. Far from “voter suppression” as Attorney General Eric Holder asserts, voter ID laws are being implemented in order to protect election integrity. Most states with new voter ID laws even offer free photo IDs to citizens who need them.

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