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One-Third of Men Are Out-of-Work (And Obama’s Thrilled)


by Kevin “Coach” Collins

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Earlier this month the Obama administration crowed that the full point drop in unemployment over the last four months, from 9.8 percent to 8.8 percent, is the best turn around since 1984. There media gave no reason for this turnaround, except to say The One’s special economic policies are beginning to yield the benefits they were designed to bring forth.

What was not highlighted in the glow of the administration’s back slapping is that there is another statistic that goes back even further than 1984. Today, just 65 percent of men aged 16-to-64 (and just 67 percent of all men) are working, a huge drop from the 85 percent who were typically employed in the 1950s.

Obama is destroying America’s men and setting the stage for all men in our society to live as so many minority men now live, instead of lifting the minorities up to a higher status. Obama’s oppressive policies are forcing Americans, especially men, to become tax cheats like so many of the officials in the Obama administration. On the path Obama is pushing men onto, they will work odd jobs “off the books” and find it more profitable to hide their relationship to their families in order maximize eligibility for government handouts. Obama is injecting the “inner city” mentality into America’s suburban middle class in hopes of making the whole country dependent on government largesse.

The truth about the “drop” in unemployment numbers is that an increasing number of workers are merely giving up their search for non-existent jobs and thus no longer show up on the rolls of the unemployed.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us when men between 55 and 64 lose their jobs, many remain unemployed permanently; they simply stop looking. The BLS explains that the male labor force has shrunken by 0.7 percent, which explains why the unemployment rate for men is “only” 9.3 percent.

Underground Employment

Despite this gloomy outlook, there is good news. According to some economists, the “off the books” economy is booming. The best “guesstimates” run to $1.5 trillion dollars, proving  Americans want to work and will work, they just don’t want any part of Obama’s world in many cases. People aren’t out stealing or selling their bodies or  peddling drugs. They are doing honest handyman work, and they are spending what they make.

Retail sales are not collapsing. They might not be where we need them to be, but they are at a level that will make our nation economy surge back to life when Obama is finally gone.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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