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On the Border and on the case


Has the federal government failed its constitutional obligation to protect American citizens or have foreign insurgents successfully infiltrated this once sovereign nation and rendered it complacent through deception, fraud and the race card?  Despite all speculation, one can surmise that federal interference has seldom created a healthy economy or a secure environment. To the contrary, it appears that those in Washington shamelessly engage in the creation of policies legislated on behalf of Drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorist groups.

Violence and criminal activities from across our southern borders underscore the constitutional rights of every state to protect its citizens against this insanity and it must be done now. Open border policies should no longer be viewed as friendly invitations for a better life for the poor, but an invasion by foreign powers deeply rooted within our government trashing our Constitution, and tearing apart the very fiber which made this country what it once was.

As an example, demands by Arizonan’s for strict compliance of immigration laws have been denied by the federal government and subsequently sued Arizona for attempting to create its own foreign policies. Sufficed to say, SB1070 which mimics federal law drew immediate fire from the feds as well as special interest groups such as LaRaza, LULAC and various other Latino organizations who rebuked it as a draconian attempt at racial profiling.

Intelligence authorities have repeatedly recommended a variety of solutions to the illegal immigration nightmare such as taking away job magnets, strict enforcement of immigration laws, denying public and social services to illegal aliens, holding employers accountable and the most current idea, the creation of a state militia via SB 1083.

America is under a false flag and fraudulent Commander- In- Chief. We’re surrounded by terrorist training camps and Interpol foreign troops, right here on American soil. Our Constitution, our Judeo/Christian faith, and our sovereignty, are suffering repeated attacks under the guise of failed policies.

In my humble opinion, a special missions unit should be immediately deployed to the border under the auspice and direction of the county sheriffs. The call for a militia should not be viewed as a political ploy, but one of dire necessity for combatting international criminal activity.

Our survival as a sovereign nation depends on it.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln


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