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Barack Obama and his SOCIALIST zombies seem to have an obsession with “fairness”, so let’s apply that term to Obamacare and taxes, just to be fair. First, we make ALL taxes ‘FLAT taxes. Every taxpayer in America pays a flat 9.75%, NO exemptions. Why 9.75%, you may ask? Because God Himself only asks for 10%! Isn’t this fair? Proportionately, EVERYONE is paying the same, and yet the lower income people will be getting MORE services for their money.

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Secondly, we need to remove ALL exemptions to Obamacare: everyone, including unions, Congress, the President, and EVERY federal employee from SCOTUS on down. If Obamacare is good for the ordinary taxpayer, then it should be good enough for those people who live off the taxpayer. That’s fair right?

How about the Democratic-controlled Senate passing an actual budget? Americans could then see where their money is going. This action would be fair because ALL programs would be open to scrutiny. Pass a budget and the two political sides would have a firm foundation for negotiation and compromise, right? What is there to hide by not putting government money requests in writing?

No more negotiating treaties with the United Nations without full disclosure to American citizens first! What is this treaty set up to do? Who will it affect? Does it affect the sovereignty of the United States or its Constitution in any way? Let’s reduce America’s contributions to the United Nations to the median of all nations. We pay our fair share and ONLY our fair share.  We do NOT place American troops under the command of any other country ever! This is fair right?

Social Security benefits, upon the death of a spouse, should only be paid to the surviving spouse. No more benefits to send children to college. Before all you bleeding hearts get your Progressive tails in a wringer, answer me this: who paid for the children’s benefits? It certainly didn’t come out of the deceased! Besides, with billions of dollars of endowment money in elite “private institutions” like Harvard, Yale,  and on and on, why don’t they set up scholarships for those qualifying children themselves? Why are these places allowed to accumulate so much money and still raise tuition sky- high? Public universities and colleges get government money on top of tuition, and they offer different grants, scholarships, and loans to help with getting a college education. Why does Obama think that a college degree is the be-all, end-all to life’s problems?

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How many people today are really working in the fields that they got their degree in? How many are under-employed? Is the expense of a college education really beneficial, or right, for a lot of people? Ask Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg! Is it fair that we ask taxpayers to support someone else’s children in college when they can’t even send their own?

Is it fair, Mr. Obama, that you and Progressives expect people who object to abortions to pay for them through their tax dollars? Is it fair, sir, that you expect taxpayers to pay for contraception for others when it is readily and cheaply available almost anywhere?  Even truck stops and bars have contraceptives in machines in the bathrooms. If they can’t afford a buck or two, then I guess they can’t afford to have sex either. Is it fair to ask religious organizations to compromise their principle because you want “social justice”?

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